Planning Your Trip to Abkhazia


Abkhazia has become a popular tourist destination among the residents of Russia due to the scenic beaches on the Black Sea as well as the low cost of staying in a hotel, eating out, and visiting the main attractions of the area.

As a part of Georgia, tourism is illegal in Abkhazia, and there is a ban on foreigners entering without permission. However, people still do so by entering from the Russian side of the Abkhazia-Russia border as it isn’t under Georgian control. So, tourists to the region don’t require a visa if coming in from Russia and get to enjoy a low-cost holiday.

The best hotels for any budget in Abkhazia

One of the main attractions of the region is its low prices, which is reflected in the range of hotel prices throughout the year. At the very most, you’ll be looking at €135 (£120) per night for one of the top hotels in Abkhazia, while the cheapest stays can be found for as little as €7 (£6) per night. Many of the hotels come in the form of beach resorts as the coastline is the top tourist attraction in the area.

If you’re working with a low budget, the Chetyre Sezona comes in as a strong choice thanks to its great proximity to tourist attractions and other recreational activities. The hotel is just a 15-minute walk down to the Mrskaya Zvezda water park, close to the Del’finariy amusement centre, and is within walking distance of the Tropicheskaya Amazonka aquarium. The child-friendly Chetyre Sezona offers rooms for as little as €10 (£9) per night.

Hotel Iceberg would be one of the top options for those on a medium-sized budget. The classy looking three-star hotel is good for children and comes for as little as €46 (£41) per night. Just a ten-minute drive or 35-minute walk away is Svirskoe Gorge, which is one of the top natural attractions in Abkhazia. Also close by is the Berendeyevo Tsarstvo, which features a scenic hike, a suspension bridge, creeks, waterfalls, and some fairytale characters put out for the children to enjoy.

One of the top hotels in Abkhazia is the Prometey Club Hotel and Spa. It offers a range of three-star and four-star accommodation, including its all-inclusive, four-star Maritime Cottages. One of the big focuses of the Prometey Club is its offering for the children, which includes an on-site amusement park, a huge range of activities throughout the day, shows in the evening, and a crèche that’s supervised by experienced nurses. Going all-out with a big budget to get into one of the Maritime Cottages will cost from €78 (£69) to €123 (£109) depending on the time of year. The Prometey Club is within walking distance of many sightseeing locations, such as the Bust of Odoyevsky as well as Sochi National Park.

Recreation and fun in Abkhazia

The main attractions are the beaches lining the Black Sea, which is why so many hotels and accommodations are set up along the coastline. But, there are many incredible sights to be seen in Abkhazia: from natural wonders to sites steeped in history.

Two of the greatest spectacles in Abkhazia sit in the northern mountains. The Iverian Mountain itself is a great sight, which people who are able can hike up to see the ruins of Anacopia at its peak. Anacopia was the ancient capital of the region, with the fortress at the top of the mountain residing over the Byzantine Empire before becoming a part of the Abkhazian Kingdom. Nearby is New Athos Cave, which is one of the largest caves in the world. People also travel to Abkhazia to spend a day on Lake Ritsa or to visit the Sukhumi Botanical Garden.

Ruins of Anacopa

As for a night out at a restaurant, Abkhazia has many venues that offer a menu of local delicacies as well as mixed cuisines. Al Capone Restaurant in Gagra is one of the finest eateries in the region, with good food, friendly staff, and all at reasonable prices. If you’re in Sukhumi, visit the Patsha Assir. The restaurant sits over a small lake next to a river and waterfalls. It’s an idyllic location that serves good traditional food.

While the beaches are the main attractions for many regular tourists, Abkhazia offers a wide range of exciting activities throughout the region.

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