Planning Your Trip to Anapa


Standing along the north-eastern coastline of the Black Sea, Anapa was once a major seaport. Now, it is a top tourist destination filled with amusement parks and water parks along its idyllic sandy beaches.

For the most part, Anapa has remained a majority Russian tourist destination due to access being mostly limited to those coming in from Krasnodar and Moscow. Due to its beaches, resorts, and relatively low pricing, Anapa is an ideal destination for a relaxing and cost-effective trip for the whole family if you’re willing to deal with the sometimes inconvenient access routes.

Despite it only taking around three hours to walk from the southern Walnut Grove Park to the northern Pearl of Russia, there’s a huge assortment of entertainment venues to enjoy in the area.

The best hotels for any budget in Anapa

Anapa boasts a wide selection of ocean-side hotels, resorts, and guest houses ready to cater to avid beach-goers and those looking to make the most of the many amusement parks in the area. One of the reasons why Anapa is so popular is because tourists can find great prices for their accommodation.

The RS-Royal Hotel is a mere five-minute walk from Anapa’s sandy beaches and has its own outdoor swimming pool. But, if the beach isn’t for you, the bus stop is just a few minutes away, and the Central Food Market is very close by as well. It’s a child-friendly venue with all children under the age of five staying for free unless more beds are required. Rooms at the RS-Royal Hotel are from €13 (£12) per night for a double or twin room while it costs €19 (£17) for a double or twin room with a balcony.

With a very nice garden, an outdoor pool, and standing a few hundred yards from its private beach, the Slavyanka Hotel has become an optimal location for those going to Anapa on a moderately-sized budget. A double bed cottage costs €63 (£56) per night for an all-inclusive stay while a family cottage, which features a double bed and two single beds, is €117 (£103) per night and all-inclusive. The Slavyanka Hotel is also only seven miles from Anapa International Airport and just four miles from the train station.

Just over 500 yards from the beaches of the Black Sea, the Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville offers a truly all-inclusive stay. The rates include the room, access to many swimming pools, and an extensive meal plan. At the resort, you’ll also find a sauna, tennis courts, heated pools, a gym, playgrounds, and a club for the kids. The resort also offers free transfer to the city centre each day. All-inclusive rooms at the Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville start at around €141 (£125) per night with a superior suite costing €208 (£184) per night.

Recreation and fun in Anapa

Anapa has built a reputation as a grand tourist destination, featuring many recreational activities and a diverse range of restaurants and bars.

You’ll find amusement parks and water parks in abundance in Anapa. Tiki-tak, Adrenalin water park, and the beachfront Zolotoy Plyazh are among the top-rated water parks in the area, while the Sunny Island amusement park, Detskiy children’s amusement park, and the Fairy Tale amusement park offer a great time for those looking for a break from the water.

There are also many other fun recreational activities to enjoy in Anapa, including the dolphin park of Nemo Anapskiy Delphinariy and the Rex Dino Park.

anapa nemo anapskiy delphinary

As for going out for a bite to eat, you’ll be able to find a cuisine to suit any palate in Anapa, and at a reasonable price most of the time. If it’s some Mediterranean food that you fancy, check out Brookwin, or visit Berlin Restaurant if you want a bit of German food and German beer. For a more Eastern European dining experience, Prague serves some fine Czech food and Matsoni offers a grand Georgian menu.

Anapa offers a huge range of experiences for tourists to the Black Sea, with its resorts, parks, and picturesque beach making it a prime destination for all of the family.

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