Planning Your Trip to Gelendzhik


One of the most scenic parts of the Black Sea is Gelendzhik Bay, which boasts a 12-kilometre coastline, two-thirds of which are beaches. The resort town of Gelendzhik encircles the bay, with the Caucasus Mountains overlooking the area in the background.

Gelendzhik is known for its resorts, water parks, Olympus Park, and the nearby safari park. The region of Krasnodar Krai boasts many idyllic sights, stunning pieces of architecture, and natural beauty, making it a great destination for all kinds of trips.

While not a particularly expensive location to visit, Gelendzhik isn’t the cheapest place that’s situated next to the Black Sea. But, then again, it does offer some truly spectacular sights and recreational activities.

The best hotels for any budget in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik offers a good range of low, medium, and high-cost accommodation, but even at the low-cost hotels and guest houses, you can still find bundles of value and a high-class experience.

For those operating on a lower budget, the KESEA Guest House is certainly a place to consider. It’s a mere ten-minute walk from the beach, offers an airport shuttle, and has many in-room entertainment options for children. You can get a double or twin room at the KESEA Guest House from €21 (£19) per night, but the rooms tend to be in high demand, so you’ll want to book a fair bit in advance.

If you can stretch it, the Astel Villa is certainly worth you spending a little bit more. The guest house boasts an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, and a barbeque. Astel Villa is very close to the Oceanarium as well as the Central Amusement Park. Here, standard double or twin rooms with a balcony are from €47 (£42) per night with the superior versions costing €52 (£46) per night.

With stunning views of Gelendzhik Bay, a sauna, tennis court, a swimming pool, and a private beach area about half-a-mile away, the Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik comes in as one of the best options for those looking to take a trip with a bigger budget. The venue features a playground and babysitting services, making it a great stay for all of the family. With breakfast included, rooms are from €133 (£118) per night, with special suite bungalows going for around €379 (£335) per night.

Recreation and fun in Gelendzhik

Many people go to Gelendzhik to enjoy the beach that lines Gelendzhik Bay as well as the views of the Black Sea and the overlooking Caucasus Mountains. But, there are many other recreational activities to indulge in while taking a trip to the area.

The main attraction for many is Safari-Park. With bears, tigers, lions, gorillas, crocodiles, lizards, orang-utans, meerkats, and even a prehistoric area, Safari-Park offers a great day out for all of the family where you can see exotic animals in suitable enclosures.

gelendzhik safari park tigers

Another popular tourist attraction is Olympus Park, which features a huge range of leisure and entertainment activities. In Park Entertainment and Sports Olympus, there’s a cable car ride and Ferris wheel with the zoo Kontaktnyy Zoopark Zov Dzhungley and the Olimp Concert Hall in the area.

When the time comes to sit down and have a nice meal, Gelendzhik has many great venues on offer. For a taste of Russia or Ukraine, Khata Kazaka weighs in as one of the best restaurants in the area. One of the most unique-looking restaurants in Gelendzhik is Restaurant Kordon, which is part of the country club that’s settled on a lake. Specialising in Russian and grilled food, it offers a novel experience outside of the more tourist-centric part of the region.

Around Gelendzhik Bay, you’ll be able to find many amusement parks and water parks for exciting days out for all of the family, as well as a wide range of classy restaurants to enjoy in the evening.

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