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Krasnaya Polyana floating bridge

Situated just over 30 minutes away from the Black Sea, inland from the north-eastern coastline, Krasnaya Polyana is a quaint settlement in the Western Caucasus mountains. In the running to the Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014, Krasnaya Polyana had experienced many transport problems connecting to the surrounding cities, which is why there is now a railway line that connects it to the international airport, central Sochi, and the Olympic Village.

Krasnaya Polyana doesn’t provide your traditional backdrop for a Black Sea holiday location, being sought out mostly for its skiing and chairlifts. Due to Krasnaya Polyana being well connected to the major cities on the Black Sea coast, it provides the best of both worlds with its peaceful and scenic mountain views as well as easy access to major locations like Sochi and Adler.

While relatively quaint compared to the many other towns and cities around the Black Sea, Krasnaya Polyana still has plenty of recreational activities to enjoy and boasts a diverse range of accommodation to suit any budget size.

The best hotels for any budget in Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana city overview

There isn’t a huge selection of accommodation in Krasnaya Polyana, but the range available can appeal to any size of budget. The majority of places available tend to be apartments, apartment hotels, and guest houses, but there is also a fine selection of hostels and hotels in the area.

For anyone travelling with a smaller budget and don’t mind the hostel setting, Hostel MoreGor provides a great way to stay in Krasnaya Polyana cheaply. With free Wi-Fi, free private parking, a fully-equipped shared kitchen, and a ski pass purchase and ski equipment hire point, Hostel MoreGor is the ideal stop for anyone looking to enjoy the surrounding area. You can claim a bunk bed in the mixed, male, or female dormitories for around €7 (£6) per night. You can also get a budget double room, which features one single bed, one large bed, and a private bathroom for €42 (£38) per night.

If you can stretch your budget into the moderate range and fancy some nights in a hotel, check out the Olympia Hotel. Situated further north in Krasnaya Polyana and close to the riverside of the Reka Beshenka, the hotel boasts rustic décor, refrigerators in each room, free Wi-Fi, a spa and wellness centre, and is only a few miles from the ski slopes. Standard twin rooms can be found for €33 (£28) per night, with the more deluxe Suites that feature two rooms costing €45 (£40) per night, both of which include breakfast and dinner.

Finally, hidden away in the northernmost part of Krasnaya Polyana, the Retreat Sochi Spa Hotel is the most prestigious venue in the area and, thankfully, offers an airport shuttle. As you would assume from the name, the Retreat Sochi Spa Hotel is all about its top-class range of wellness facilities, which includes a spa, fitness centre, restaurant, sauna, and hot tubs. With each room containing everything that a traveller could possibly want, the price is warranted if you want to go all-in with a big budget. For the Twin Room or Deluxe Double, both of which have a Mountain View, it’ll cost €982 (£880), which includes a continental breakfast, a balcony with a view, a flat-screen television, air conditioning, a spa bath, a barbeque, and much more.

Recreation and fun in Krasnaya Polyana

One of the main reasons why people come to stay in Krasnaya Polyana is because it’s only an hour away from Sochi by car. Being one of the major locations around the Black Sea and the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi is still a huge draw for tourists. People who enjoy the mountains but also want to get a feel of an exciting city like Sochi find that Krasnaya Polyana has everything that they need.

While in Krasnaya Polyana, you’ll find a diverse range of restaurants, bars, and other eateries to indulge in when you get hungry. A favoured venue for those looking to enjoy a healthy, vegetarian, or vegan meal, the Traktir Trikoni is one of the highest-rated restaurants in the area. For a taste of the local cuisines, venture down to the wonderfully decorated Achishkho Restaurant for lunch or dinner. If, however, you fancy a night of sexy lighting, fine dining, and can afford to go big, seek out the diverse Chicha Bar, which boasts a grand range of cuisines across its exquisite menu.

The skiing and cable cars are, as you would expect, the most popular points of Krasnaya Polyana, with a visit to Husky Park providing a particularly fun day trip. When the sun is out, Aqua Park Galaktika becomes an exciting place to visit. Surrounded by the mountains and fresh air, the water slides, pools, and sauna provide the perfect tools for you to have an exciting and relaxing day out for all of the family.

There’s plenty to enjoy in Krasnaya Polyana all year around, but if you do fancy venturing closer to the Black Sea, Adler is a mere 30 minutes away by car, with Sochi just a bit further up the road.

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