Planning Your Trip to Novorossiysk


The city of Novorossiysk, which is situated in Krasnodar Krai, is famous in Russia for being one of a very select group of 12 cities that have been honoured by the nation as a ‘Hero City’, which is a title given to locations which displayed outstanding heroism during World War II. One of the most sought-after areas of Novorossiysk is Abrau-Dyurso, a small town which sits on the shore of the popular Lake Abrau as well as being close to the Black Sea coast.

Sitting on the north-eastern coastline of the Black Sea, Novorossiysk provides an ideal location for those who want to be close to resort towns, such as Gelendzhik and Anapa, as well as those who want to see Lake Abrau or the Black Sea itself. Accommodation doesn’t tend to be overly expensive, but the restaurants can be seen as a bit pricey.

The Best Hotels for any Budget in Novorossiysk

In Novorossiysk, anyone working with any sized budget should be able to find well-reviewed accommodation that meets their needs. Many hotels and accommodations are situated all over the city, but many are located in the southern areas, making access to the Black Sea coast even easier.

If you’re working on a smaller budget, one of the best finds is listed as студия (pronounced ‘studiya’). cтудия is a studio apartment available for tourists to rent and is a preferred partner of Booking. For €21 (£18) per night, you get a bedroom and a living room. It provides great value as a base for your exploring of Novorossiysk.

For those with a more moderate-sized budget, turn to the Expromt Hotel. The three-star hotel’s rooms boast flat-screen televisions, air conditioning, private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, free parking, a bar, and a 24-hour front desk. You can get a standard double or standard twin for €35 (£30) per night, which allows for free cancellation at short notice, no need to prepay, and includes breakfast and dinner.

For a top of the range experience with a bulkier budget, check out the Hilton Garden Inn, Novorossiysk. The hotel is very highly regarded in the area, sitting little over one mile from the seaport. It costs €82 (£71) per night for a king room with a sea view, and you can get what is deemed to be a superb breakfast for a further €14 (£12) if desired. There are also cheaper and more expensive rooms available at the Hilton Garden Inn, Novorossiysk.

Recreation and Fun in Novorossiysk

There is so much to see and do in Novorossiysk and its nearby settlements, including visiting the famous wineries, seeing all of the monuments, and visiting the city’s glorious museums.

Among the most popular activities for tourists in Novorossiysk is visiting the Abrau-Durso Winery, home of the region’s famous sparkling wine. People also enjoy the museums, including the Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov Museum, the Light Gallery of Abrau, the Novorossiysk Historical Museum Reserve, and Gagarin Planetarium. There is also the Dodo Wildlife Park, Aleksino Beach, the Exodus Monument, and the Seven Winds Observation Deck.

Novorossiysk boasts many very highly-regarded restaurants, cafes, and bars. To get a taste of the local cuisine, give Eniki Beniki a try, or venture into the Steak House Ribeye to feed your craving for a big meat meal. If it’s fine dining that you fancy on your big night out, try The Garden Grille and Bar. For something cheap yet delicious, get yourself into the Hofmeister Pub.

There’s a lot to experience and enjoy in Novorossiysk, with experiences suited to fit any size of budget.

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